How to create a video from a panoramic image

Part two: Camera setup

Bryce only supports one camera in your scene. This camera is already inserted in your scene in the background. So we have to select and adapt this camera.
Selecting the camera is a little tricky as it is in the background. You have to press the <CTRL>-key and click on the rectangle in the background (Apple users will have to use the <Apple>-key). A selection-menu will apear where you can select the camera, called "perspective"


Now, postiton the camera in the center of the scene (you rmember your "Origin" and "Position" values?)
Also, set the initial Rotation and FOV ( can fine-tune the values later...)


After closing the window we will change our view from the "Director's View" to the "Camera View":
  • Click on the little chair in the upper left of the screen. The symbol will change to a camera.
    You will notice that the preview-window now shows the initial view of your movie. You can fine-tune this view with the trackball and the "FOV"-button in the upper-right area of the trackball.
  • You are now finished with your camera setup.

Plase note: You should only ROTATE the camera and change the FOV. Don't MOVE the camera! This will result in a wrong perspective!

Now we will also set the number of frames for our scene. This can be done by double-clicking the slider in the bottom area of the screen.


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