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Austria-360: Panoramas from Austria

ADR (Adaptive Dynamic Range) Panoramas

In this demo, the viewer dynamically calculates
the correct visual appearance based on
the brightness of the scene.
This demo is based on the SPi-V viewer technology.

More informations about ADR are available at http://www.fieldofview.nl/rd-adr

Panoramas for the Worldwide Panorama Event.

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Firefighter Virtual Tour

Floridsdorf, Vienna

Misc   |    DiverMisc   |    Diverses

At the Scalaria Air Challenge 2008

 (Flash, 2,2 MB)

Project Gotham Racing:
Ariel Atom 300 @ Macao

 (Flash, 1,5 MB)

Sailing on Lake Traunsee
Segeln am Traunsee
 (1,1 MB)
Davos Mini-Meeting

Davos Mini-Meeting
SPi-V Virtual Tour


Frozen Fountain, Schoenbrunn
Object Movie (9 MB) 

High Fidelity (1,6 MB)

Christmas in Vienna (3,5 MB) 

The Finnish Sculptor Rafael Saifulin at the Toepfermarkt Gmunden (1,9 MB)

Bathing fun at the old Danube, Vienna (1 MB)

Panomaggy (523 KB)

Wintermorgen, Ebensee
A basic example of inserting a 3D object into a panorama. (536 KB)

A Photographers Nightmare...
(Lainz, Vienna - 1,8 MB)

Firefighter Station, Vienna (2,6 MB)


Art & Events

Sziget 2005, Budapest

Delete! (1,7 MB)

Kanak Attack (1,5 MB)

Immured (2,3 MB)


France   |   Frankreich

Palais du Papes

Le Palais des Papes, Avignon  

Le Palais des Papes, Avignon  

Tour Magne, Nimes

Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard
QTVR small   |  
Java, 500 KB

Suspension Bridge (Durance), Provence
Low Resolution (350K): QTVR



Italy   |   Italien

thumbnail-reschensee.jpg (15104 Byte)

Reschen Lake, Obervintschgau

Baptisterium, Parma

National Gallery, Parma


Panotools Meeting Venice  2005

Slovenia   |   Slovenien

Fog at Triglav National Park


United Kingdom   |   England

Panotools Meeting Bath 2006