ADR - Adaptive Dynamic Range

ADR is the "little brother" of HDR (High Dynamic Range). Instead of implementing a full HDR-workflow, ADR works with 2 different exposures, one exposed towards the highlights, one towards the shadows.  The viewer then dynamically calculates the correct visual appearance based on the brightness of the visible part of the scene.

This demo is based on the SPi-V viewer technology.
More informations about ADR are available at

  • To navigate inside the Panorama, click and drag mouse.
  • Influence the exposure of a certain area by placing the mouse pointer over it.

A word of warning: These are high resolution panoramas!
A decent hardware equipment strongly recommended (VRAM >=128 MB)
Please give your computer some time to load and initialize the panorama...

Church, Vienna
(1,7 MB)

Praterstern, Vienna (2,8 MB)
(With crosshair guide to see where the brightness is sampled)

Leopoldsberg, Vienna
(1,7 MB)
...ooops - i've underestimated the sun...

Leopoldsberg, Vienna
(3,9 MB)

Fire Station Floridsdorf, Vienna
(1,2 MB)

Miesweg, Gmunden/Traunsee

(1,6 MB)

Subway Building Site Praterstern
(3,5 MB)

If you're looking for downloadable light probes, they are here.