Motorhead - Automatic Motor driven Panohead

This head is currently under development. The implementation is conducted by Dr. Nikolaus Klepp, my part is requesting and testing the features of the system. Key features of development are:

  • Fast! Fastest full 360 panorama shot (4 sectors, fastest mode, 1 shot per sector): 5 seconds (first shot to last shot without initial positioning)

  • Repeatable accuracy: Currently ~0.06

  • Versatile for different camera models: Shooting via Servo Drive (works), Relay (works but not usable for digital cameras), IR, PC connection

Currently, the system only works for panning - tilt option may be added later. There are no plans for a remote. The "Motorhead" works with a builtin CPU that may be accessed by a PC interface.

First working samples

Sample 1:
Manual Shutter Release

Sample 2:
Automatic Shutter release
(2 blended exposures)

See a small video of the head in action
(DivX 8MB)

The head was also used for shooting some panoramas of Paddle Steamer Gisela at the "Energy" Worldwide Panorama shooting.