Brocap (Birdcap), QTParser and Convert2

This is the Brocap-Variation called "Birdcap". The Variation was kindly adapted from the original Brocap by Yuval Levy for my needs to have a plug-able extension for detecting various VR-plugins installed on the client side.

Current Version: 1.0b (see change history)

The needed files:

How to install:

  • Copy contents of the brocapand converter ZIP-file, as well as "qtparser.php" and "SPi-V.dcr" into the directory where your Quicktime movies and HTML-files reside
  • Change the link to your panorama from "" to ""
  • If you also want to offer Flash, copy the extra *.fla files in the directories (see Pano2QTVR with Flashpack)
  • done

Extra option: You can use the included cp.php file to offer manual plugin selection.

You can also use this package to directly convert QTVR-pages to other formats with the "convert2.php" script:[&format=format][&pos=TRACK_POSITION]
pos: defaults to 1 if not specified
format: defaults to "devr" if not specified
valid formats:
Spi-V: spiv
DevalVR: devr
PangeaVR: pangea
Flash: flash

Change history:

  • 2006/09/20:
    Cookie and conversion-related bugfixed (thanks Andrei Bodrov)
  • 2006/09/11:
    Updated the converter code and unlocked Birdcap to also use Flash. Will need an extra Flash Pano File (.swf) which can be created with Thomas Rauschers Pano2QTVR with Flashpack
  • 2006/07/15:
    Eolas fix: convert2.php now also knows the parameter "qtvr", which will do a QTVR->QTVR plugin conversion by adding appropriate JS stuff ( The file "writecontrol.js" is automatically created if your webserver allows local file creation by PHP scripts (otherwise you will notice a bunch of error messages...)